Hi everyone,

Thought I would take a bank holiday break from travel blogs and share with you a behind the scenes photoshoot I did for the Times Saturday magazine.

What an awesome experience!  The photographer, his assistant, a stylist, make-up, journalists all gathered together in a white-walled studio.  Music playing, images flashing up on a computer screen.

The finished product is slick, polished and ready for a Saturday morning breakfast readership.


A shot from Mark Harrison’s portfolio.  Recognise the subject?

Below is how the process begins with low res shots captured on an iPhone from the photographer’s computer.  I was sent a whole host of shots to choose from.  Compare these to what appeared in the magazine and let me know what you think…


The article was about fear of flying so of course I wore my BA uniform





This is my ‘take me seriously I know what I’m doing’ pose







The fabulous make-up artist said I looked like superman!  At least I can fly



Let’s try John Wayne in my fabulous Richard James suit


Look natural, look natural, look natural!


Don’t forget, you can see the finished photographs in the Saturday Times Magazine…and there’s also a couple of bonus shots in today’s Sun too…

Normal service resumes with my blog about Barcelona next time.

Happy flying